Wisconsin Recalls

On a cold day in February, 70,000 teachers, nurses, and other regular hard-working Americans rallied in the streets in front of the State Capitol demanding Republican Gov. Scott Walker end his attack on working families. After a week of protests, it was the largest demonstration of support for workers' rights yet. 

When it started, Scott Walker and his state senate allies had the votes to pass a controversial -- and, eventually deemed unconstitutional -- state budget which would strip most Wisconsin unions of the right to protect workers and negotiate collectively for better wages and benefits for the struggling middle class. What Governor Walker didn't have was a quorum. Republicans needed at least one Democrat in the Senate Chamber to even hold the vote, so all 14 Democratic Wisconsin state senators left the state. 
Whether it was joining the entire progressive movement in organizing more than 50,000 Americans in 50 major cities for Wisconsin solidarity rallies or DFA alone raising more than $125,000 in under 48 hours to support keeping Senators out of state,  DFA members supported the fight on the ground, online, and on the air from day one.
For two sets of recalls totaling 13 different State Senate districts, DFA members provided the boots on the ground delivering thousands of door knocks and voter contact calls, resources for TV ads, paid campaign staff, media generating polling, and targeted direct mail. On Election Day, Scott Walker won, but progressives defeated Republicans in the Senate -- flipping control to Democrats and stopping Walker's extremist agenda. 
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