DFA becomes a founding member the Kairos Fellowship

Corporations and private interests exploit the openness of the internet to maximize profit without repercussions. Meanwhile, right-wing populism and authoritarianism utilize technology and the Internet to disrupt democracy and harm marginalized communities.

As organizers, we cannot cede the way the Internet can be used to redistribute resources and power. Yet the online tools and organizing practices we use today are too often insufficient to build the kind of democratic movements we need. Problems like algorithmic bias, surveillance, and online harassment plague our online tools and organizing practices because many of these tools were not built by people of color or with people of color in mind.

The Kairos Fellowship was co-founded by more than a dozen progressive organizations lead by Black, Brown, and White people, each national digital leaders, gatekeepers, or gate openers, all committed to diversifying the digital progressive space.

The Kairos mission is to train leaders of color in digital campaigning tools, create opportunities by unleashing our digital acumen, and unlock access to organizations, movements, and communities working to create change.

Kairos ensures that organizers, movement builders, and people of color are designing technology, innovating our organizing models, and leading the digital field as we transform the political landscape to build democratic movements that will liberate us all for decades to come.

DFA is honored to have been a sponsor involved from inception to implementation from its founding forward.

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