DFA stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

As TIME magazine reported, Democracy for America made some big, important changes to our endorsement process. In a piece highlighting DFA's decision to evaluate how candidates -- local, state, and federal -- are addressing structural racism, TIME reporter Sam Frizell wrote:

"The new approach announced by DFA marks a significant shift for one of the country’s largest progressive activist networks and reflects the influence the Black Lives Matter movement is having..."

Here is what Democracy for America is committing to as an organization with a mission to elect more and better Democrats across the country:

  • We will ask every single candidate who asks for our support what they have done, and what they will do to stand up alongside the Movement for Black Lives while confronting structural racism within our country's culture of white supremacy. As TIME magazine reported, this will apply to candidates running up and down the ballot -- from local and state level candidates to the 2016 Democratic presidential contenders.
  • DFA will be working with campaigns to communicate with voters more often and more effectively about race by actively helping campaigns poll on racial justice issues and amplify messaging that takes on structural racism.
  • DFA will work to change the kind of candidates that run for office and win. We need elected leadership that reflects the full array of talent and lived experiences that America has to offer — that's why we intend to work even harder to recruit and support progressive people of color to run for office and win in 2016 and beyond.

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