VICTORY: DFA celebrates Abrams victory in GA Gubernatorial primary!

Stacey Abrams just won Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial primary -- and one important step closer to becoming the country's first African-American woman to lead a state as governor

A proud early backer, Democracy for America (DFA) encouraged its members to pledge their support for Abrams ahead of a potential run in May 2017 and formally endorsed her on the day she entered the race for governor weeks later.

DFA's Jim Dean on Stacey Abrams's victory in Georgia's gubernatorial primary:

"Stacey Abrams' victory tonight is an incredibly important win for the grassroots movement that rose up behind her in this primary and a Democratic Party that is, in many ways, still searching for a way forward after the crushing losses of 2016 and the outdated, Republican-lite playbook that caused them.

"Democracy for America enthusiastically endorsed Stacey Abrams on the day she launched her campaign, not only because she'd make history as our country's first Black woman governor. We eagerly backed Stacey Abrams because she was committed to running a race that would definitively prove that when Democrats run a bold, progressive, people-powered campaign around our shared values, we can expand the electorate, restore faith in our democracy, and win.

"We're excited to continue fighting along Stacey Abrams in the general election and helping carry the message across the country that Georgia Democrats sent with her victory tonight: Progressive women of color, like Stacey Abrams, are standing at the fore in the battle against Trump's GOP, and if we get behind them and follow their leadership, we've got a clear shot at fundamentally transforming our country this November." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

In the lead up to today's primary, DFA members made 4,866 individual contributions totalling $48,328 directly to Abrams campaign (avg. contribution $9.93), hosted a DFA Campaign Academy with dozens of top local leaders organizing ahead of the final push, and made 41,667 calls to Georgia voters during the GOTV phase of the campaign alone.

Democracy for America is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with 36,259 members in the state of Georgia and more than 1 million members nationwide committed to taking on income inequality, money in politics, and structural racism.

Since 2004, DFA members have raised and spent more than $54 million and made more than 21.9 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 917 progressive candidates nationwide.​

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