VICTORY: DFA calls Siegel’s TX-10 run-off win a “crystal clear rejection” of corporate Dem playbook

Mike Siegel just won the Democratic run-off in Texas’ 10th Congressional district delivering an important win for progressives and giving Democrats a strong shot at defeating Republican Rep. Michael McCaul in November.

Democracy for America endorsed Siegel in April.

DFA CEO Yvette Simpson on Mike Siegel’s run-off victory:

“Mike Siegel’s run-off victory in Texas’ 10th Congressional District is a crystal clear rejection of the false notion that Democrats’ path to victory in November lies in being a kinder, gentler version of a Republican.

“Indeed, Mike won tonight and we were proud to stand with him ahead of this run-off because of his support for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and robust criminal justice reform, not in spite of it.

“Democrats, independents, and even some Republicans increasingly understand that the broken healthcare system the COVID-19 crisis has exposed and the growing threat posed by climate change won’t be fixed by poll-tested half-measures that tip-toe around the powerful interests who profit off them today. Mike Siegel understood that too -- that’s why he put forward bold ideas to address some of our country’s biggest problems and is now well-positioned to retire his eight-term Republican opponent.

“Back in 2018, Mike Siegel got closer to defeating Republican Michael McCaul than any Democrat since McCaul made it to Congress. In 2020, Mike Siegel is going to finish the job and Democracy for America is excited to have his back every step of the way.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

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