IRAN: DFA calls cloture failure “tremendous victory for diplomacy, proof US learned lesson of Iraq”

Democracy for America's reaction to today's defeat of the motion of disapproval on the Iran nuclear deal:

"Today's Senate vote to avoid an unnecessary, partisan effort to kill the Iran deal is a tremendous victory for diplomacy and proof that the United States has finally learned the lesson of the Iraq War.

"Still, while we celebrate this victory, we're under no illusion that the fight stops here. We know the war hawks and moneyed interests laboring to kill this deal and set us on the path to war aren't stopping with this vote, and they should know we aren't stopping either. 

"Thanks to the bold votes of 42 Senate Democrats, peace and diplomacy were victorious today. In the days ahead, grassroots activists and organizations like DFA will continue working to ensure President Obama can begin enforcing this historic diplomatic achievement."  -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Since the announcement of the Iran deal, DFA and a number of progressive allies have conducted numerous congressional calling efforts in support of the Iran deal and launched to help facilitate progressive turnout at Congressional town hall meetings over the August recess. DFA is a national political action group with 1 million members nationwide

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