DFA says GOP’s Coney Barrett SCOTUS power grab “will have consequences” in 2020 election, beyond

Moments ago the U.S. Senate, in a party-line Republican vote that took place within a week of the conclusion of the presidential election, forced Judge Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court of the United States.

Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson following the Senate’s final vote for Coney Barrett:

"Tonight’s Senate vote to force Judge Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court just a week before the conclusion of a presidential election was a dangerous partisan power play employed by a Republican Party that’s struggling at the ballot box and desperate to chain the country to radical rightwing ideology that the majority of Americans soundly reject.

“Republicans may have finally achieved the extreme right takeover of our courts they’ve been pushing towards for forty years.

“However, by violating important Senate rules, disregarding the will of voters, and seizing control of the courts with right-wing ideologues who are radically out of step with the country, they have given Democrats everything needed to push for the robust judicial reforms our country desperately needs -- and we’re committed to making sure they deliver.

“While spending the last six year’s executing Mitch McConnell’s “block and pack” plan, Republicans have been fond of telling anyone who opposed them that, ‘Elections have consequences.’

“Well, Mr. McConnell and his colleagues should understand that we will do everything in our power to ensure that tonight’s craven, anti-democratic power grab will have consequences in this year’s election and for many, many months and years to come. -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

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