DFA says Coney Barrett is a “born-and-bred, far-right extremist,” that Dems must “fight like hell”

All reports indicate that Donald Trump is poised to nominate far-right Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court this evening -- just 38 days from the November election.

Democracy for America (DFA) CEO Yvette Simpson on Trump's nomination of Coney Barrett to the Court and expectations on the fight ahead:

“Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a born-and-bred, far-right extremist who will use a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court to end abortion rights, destroy Obamacare, and halt the progress of racial, social, and economic justice in this country for a generation.

“Donald Trump and Senate Republicans know that the American people broadly oppose the radical agenda they share with Judge Coney Barrett -- that’s why, in a brazen power grab, they’re working overtime to push her into a lifetime Supreme Court appointment before Americans have a chance to reject them at the ballot box in November.

“Republicans from the White House to the Senate have shown us exactly who they are with the selection of Judge Coney Barrett and how they plan to proceed with her appointment less than 40 days before an election, so we have a very simple message to our Democratic allies in the U.S. Senate: We expect you to fight like hell.

“Let’s be clear: The American people sent Democrats to the U.S. Senate to do more than count votes. We sent Democrats to the Senate to stand up and fight for the right to choose, the right to organize, and the right to make steady progress towards a more perfect union -- even when we might not win.

“We know this battle will be hard and the odds are long, but nearly 60% of Americans already oppose how Republicans are proceeding with this appointment and that’s before they’ve learned about Judge Coney Barrett’s radical agenda. The American people are and will be with us, and, if Senate Democrats deliver the kind of fight this blatantly ideological power grab deserves, Americans will have our backs through November and beyond.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America.

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