DFA on Biden Court Reform Commission plan: U.S. doesn’t need “nice report,” we need “bold action”

This morning, Vice President Biden announced plans to establish, if elected, a bipartisan commission to study potential reforms to U.S. Courts.

Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson released the following comment in response to Biden’s plan for a court reform commission:

“For much of the last 18 months, Joe Biden has been largely opposed to any real efforts to reform the judiciary in response to Mitch McConnell’s six-year effort to 'block-and-pack' the federal courts with right-wing ideologues, so it’s good to see his positions evolving to reflect the reality he’d face as president.

“That said, we don’t need to be promised a nice report about reform delivered to the White House, we need Vice President Biden to assure Americans that he will take bold action to ensure our courts don’t remain dominated by a right-wing fringe installed by Mitch McConnell to attack abortion rights, destroy healthcare reform, and dismantle our democracy.

“Actions by the Trump administration and Senate Republicans over the last six years have created an unprecedented threat to the legitimacy of our third branch of government. This is a five-alarm emergency for our democracy that deserves a quick, clear response in the early days of the next administration, not passing the buck to an unelected commission that only serves to halt the momentum we need to enact the robust, structural reforms to our judiciary that our country needs and a growing number of Americans demand.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

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