DFA: No order Trump signs “erase[s] the psychological torment… moral shame” of family separation

Six weeks after it started taking children from their parents at the border, the Trump administration, in a sharp reversal of previous statements, has decided that it will sign an executive order to potentially indefinitely detain families in detention centers together.

DFA's chair Jim Dean replied to this response from the Trump administration with the following:

"Donald Trump's disgusting attempt to appear heroic by signing an executive order to temporarily end a policy of systematic child abuse that he pushed for, enabled, and excused is one of the vilest, politically-craven moves we've seen in the history of American politics.

"Let's be clear: Donald Trump and the administration he runs have spent nearly six weeks systematically ripping infants, toddlers, and children from the arms of asylum-seeking mothers and fathers fleeing violence and placing them in concentration camps and foster homes.

"No executive order Donald Trump signs can even begin to erase the psychological torment he's subjected these children and families to or the profound moral shame the actions of the Trump administration have brought to the country.

"Along with millions of Americans across the country, we refuse to be silent until every single infant, toddler, and child that Donald Trump's administration has ripped from their parents' arms is returned to them; all immigrants and families who are being needlessly and possibly illegally detained are freed; and the people who organized, perpetrated, and cheered on this immoral assault on human decency are brought to justice in the courts and at the ballot box." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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