DFA endorses Rana Abdelhamid in NY-12

(Vermont) -- Ahead of the 2022 election cycle, Democracy for America (DFA) endorses progressive House challenger Rana Abdelhamid in New York’s 12th Congressional district. 

Abdelhamid, a New York native entrepreneur, seeks to oust millionaire and establishment Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney. NY-12 has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the state and in the country and has suffered greatly in the midst of COVID-19. 

“During the first eight months of the Biden administration, we’ve seen Democrats like Rep. Maloney concede so much in the name of bipartisanship; human infrastructure, robust action on climate change, and structural democracy reforms are just a few of the things we’ve seen on the chopping block,” said Chief Political Officer, Chris Scott. “Let’s be clear: bipartisan support on watered-down bills does nothing to change the lives of Americans struggling to make ends meet. 

“Rana Abdelhamid has built a people-powered, grassroots campaign that will take on the wealthy elite and topple political machines. She is ready to hit the ground running and build a broad coalition of support around progressive ideals – and DFA will be alongside her both all the while. With so much at stake in 2022, now is not the time to play it safe. Now is the time to act boldly and support innovative, populist candidates that will energize voters.” 

“It’s an honor to have the support of Democracy for America, which has endorsed so many of the progressives in Congress that I admire,” said Rana Abdelhamid. “I couldn’t be more excited to build a grassroots progressive movement alongside them and to bring a new generation of leadership to NY-12.” 

DFA has 10,990 members in NY-12, 117,602 members in the state of New York, and more than a million members nationwide. 

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