DFA says Markey primary win is “perfect capstone” to year of “transformative progressive victories”

U.S. Senator Ed Markey just successfully beat back Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s primary challenge in Massachusetts delivering progressives yet another 2020 primary victory.

Democracy for America endorsed Sen. Markey late last month.

DFA CEO Yvette Simpson on Sen. Ed Markey’s Democratic primary victory in Massachusetts:

“Sen. Ed Markey’s win in this race was the perfect capstone to a 2020 primary season packed with transformative progressive victories that underscore the simple fact that progressive voters and leaders are and will continue to be the future of the Democratic Party in the years ahead.

“Just as importantly, Sen. Markey’s victory in this race makes it clear that the next generation of Democratic leaders are choosing their champions, not by their youth or their ties to the storied names of the past, but by the boldness of the ideas they’re willing to fight for today.

“From the Green New Deal to Medicare for All, Sen. Ed Markey has been one of the most reliable allies of the progressive movement in the U.S. Senate in the battle for progress, justice, and equity. Here’s hoping that Sen. Markey’s victory in this primary serves as a powerful reminder that, when leaders build a record fighting for a visionary, transformative progressive agenda, Democracy for America and the progressive movement has their back. -- Yvette Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Democracy for America

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