DFA: “Blood is on Trump’s hands” following Iran Deal withdrawal, “underscores stakes of [2018]...”

Momentarily, Donald Trump is going to isolate the United States diplomatically by announcing his decision to withdraw the country from the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA).

Democracy for America (DFA) has been a strong, grassroots supporter of President Obama's diplomatic breakthrough with Iran since it was first made in 2015.

Here's a statement from DFA Chair Jim Dean on Trump's disastrous withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal:

"Donald Trump's decision to remove the United States from an agreement that was actively preventing Iran from creating a nuclear weapon makes our country less safe and vastly increases the likelihood that his cabinet full of war hawks pushes us into yet another cataclysmic conflict in the Middle East.

"Let's be exceedingly clear: Donald Trump and the fringe-right Republicans who have worked to dismantle this deal from day one now own every single consequence of this decision. From the deathblow the destruction of this deal has delivered to the United States' credibility in diplomatic negotiations to the disastrous war with Iran it is designed to necessitate, the blood is on Donald Trump's hands.

"If anything, Trump's decision to kill the Iran Deal only underscores the stakes in this fall's election. With the Trump White House apparently dead set on diplomatically isolating the United States from its allies and provoking a conflict with Iran, a Democratic majority in Congress committed to halting any rush to war may be the only shot we have to avoid repeating the disaster in Iraq." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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