DFA: Abrams’ “passionate future-focused” SOTUS response “stands in stark contrast” with Trump

This evening, Stacey Abrams became the first Black woman to deliver an official response to the State of the Union. In response to Abrams' historic speech, Yvette Simpson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Democracy for America, issued the following statement:

"Tonight, Stacey Abrams delivered a passionate future-focused speech that spoke to our shared progressive values, common struggles, and stands in stark contrast with the hate-filled, fear-mongering sack of lies Donald Trump delivered minutes before.

"While Trump worked overtime to sell his accountability-free, me-first agenda, Stacey Abrams demanded accountability for an unnecessary and immoral government shutdown that held federal workers and their families hostage to build a multi-billion dollar monument to racism on our Southern border.

"In what was both a statement of principles and a call to action, Stacey Abrams did what Democrats will need to do now through 2020 and made it crystal clear that the Democratic Party of the future is the party of inclusion, diversity, opportunity, and justice for all." -- Yvette Simpson, Executive Director, Democracy for America

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