Democracy for America: Nominate a Fed Chair Who Will Stand Up for The Middle Class

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, released this statement following the announcement the White House would delay an appointment of a new Fed Chairman until this Fall:

"Democracy for America is happy to hear that the White House has decided to postpone the appointment for Chair of the Federal Reserve until this fall.  Given her considerable contributions both inside and outside the Fed and her recognition of the realities that all Americans face in today's economy, Janet Yellen is clearly the right person for this critical post and we urge President Obama to appoint her when the time comes.

Ultimately, the President's credibility and legacy as a true champion of the middle class is on the line in this choice and we intend to work to ensure he doesn't nominate someone, like Larry Summers, whose Wall Street ties makes him inappropriate choice for Fed Chairman." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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