Penelope Tsernoglou

Michigan State House, District 75

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I am running for State Representative because there is so much good that can be done at this level of government, and I will get the job done. I am running for my six year old daughter so she can attend properly funded schools with teachers who are paid fairly and treated with respect. I want her to have a world to live in when she grows up so I know we need to do more to protect our natural resources and environment. I am running for my elderly mother who just paid $1700 to fill a life saving prescription. Our elderly have a right to health care and should not be left behind after working their entire lives. I’m running because I have worked my whole life toward a more fair and just society and we can achieve that through meaningful criminal justice reform. I’m running because I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to counter the attacks on our voting rights. I’m running because I can make a difference.

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