Jena Griswold

Secretary of State, Colorado

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Jena Griswold grew up working class in rural Colorado and knows how important it is for everyday Americans to have their voices heard in our democracy. She is Colorado’s 39th Secretary of State and the youngest Secretary of State in the country. When first elected in 2018, Jena was the first Democratic Secretary of State in Colorado since Eisenhower, the first Democratic woman Secretary of State in Colorado’s history, and one of the few women in Colorado’s history to hold the current statewide executive constitutional office.

She spearheaded and passed into law one of the largest democracy reform packages in the nation in 2019. The package included automatic voter registration, parolee re-enfranchisement, increasing drop boxes so more people have access to casting their ballot, and guaranteeing voting locations on tribal lands.

In 2020, Griswold oversaw the largest election in state history with record breaking turnout despite the pandemic and historic wildfires. She also worked with tribal leaders to guarantee polling locations and drop boxes were accessible on tribal lands and ensure no one is disenfranchised for not having an address recognized by the United States Postal Service. In working in partnership with the tribal councils they were able to help increase voter turnout on tribal lands by about 20%. This year she is working to ensure election workers, who have faced increasing threats since the insurrection, are protected so they can safely administer secure and accessible elections.

Jena is running for re-election to ensure that every eligible Coloradan has their voice heard in accessible and secure elections.

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