Eunic Ortiz

Florida State House, District 18

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Eunic Ortiz was raised in Pinellas County by educators who served in our country’s military.

My career in government, activism, and labor has shown me that when people from different backgrounds come together, listen to each other, and work collectively for a better life, we have the power to make real change.

It is critically important that Floridians have access to good-paying jobs, affordable housing, and a clean environment. We need to fully fund public schools; regardless of their neighborhood, every child should have access to a quality education in a small class. And every Floridian should feel represented in our State Senate, no matter our race, gender identity, who we love, or our zip code.

I hear my neighbors in Pinellas County saying we do not want to just survive. We want to thrive - and I know it’s possible. I’m running for the Florida Senate so that we can work together for the best life possible for ALL Floridians.

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