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Attorney General, New York

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Letitia James is the 67th Attorney General for the state of New York. She is the first woman elected attorney general and the first woman of color to hold statewide elected office in New York. As attorney general, she serves as the state’s top law enforcement officer and has used her time in office to fight for everyday New Yorkers.

AG James isn’t just a barrier breaker at the state level, prior to serving as attorney general, Letitia was the Public Advocate for the City of New York–the first woman of color to hold citywide elected office. As Public Advocate, she was the city watchdog ensuring that government agencies were meeting the needs of New York City residents and serving as the chief advocate for NYC’s most vulnerable. Prior to that, AG James represented Brooklyn 35th district on the City Council. Before taking elected office, AG James was the head of the Brooklyn Regional Office for the NYS Attorney General and began her career as a Public Defender at the Legal Aid Society. A proud Brooklynite, AG James is a graduate of Lehman College and the Howard University School of Law.

Letitia James is running for re-election as New York’s Attorney General because she intends to complete the work New Yorkers elected her to do, which is hold power accountable, stand up for the rule of law and make sure the law is a sword and a shield.

As Attorney General, she has fought for the people of New York, and delivered. That includes suing Big Pharma and the Trump Administration, fighting for better conditions and transparency at nursing homes so our elderly can be protected and making our streets safer by taking legal action to eliminate the NRA. With several important cases underway, she intends to finish the job and continue fighting for justice and equality for everyone.

For her entire career, Letitia James has been a David with Goliath-sized problems. But like David, she has used every tool at her disposal to fight for New Yorkers. As a public defender, she represented New Yorkers otherwise forgotten and ignored by the powerful. As City Councilwoman, AG James passed legislation to force landlords to improve the conditions on New York City’s worst buildings. As Public Advocate, her office processed over 32,000 consistent complaints transforming the role into a driver of change. And as attorney general, she has taken on the powerful and connected to protect, defend and empower citizens not because she sought accolades, but because it was the right thing to do.

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