Charles Booker

U.S. Senate, Kentucky

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I grew up in the west end of Louisville, in one of the poorest zip codes in Kentucky. My family relied heavily on government assistance and there were days when we went hungry. At a young age, I was diagnosed with diabetes. As a result, resources in my household grew scarcer. Poverty is no joke. I’ve lived the experiences most politicians just talk about, and since being elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives, I have used these insights to inform my policies. I now live in Louisville with my wife and two daughters.

My vision is a Kentucky where people from every corner of the Commonwealth; no matter who you are, where you come from, who you love, how much money you have in your pocket, what you believe, what pronouns you use, whether you are walking or in a wheelchair; that you know that your lives matters. It is a vision where everyone is heard and accounted for and is represented by a government that elevates your voice over corrupted interests. This campaign is about building a movement where Kentuckians are encouraged to stand, lock arms and lead for the changes we deserve.

As U.S. Senator I will lead by creating a process for transparent and authentic engagement to ensure the voices of Kentuckians are the priority. As a result of our leadership in Washington we will stand to end generational poverty, address structural racism and inequity, and build pathways of opportunities for all the people of Kentucky.

My top three priorities for the Senate are (1) passing Medicare for All so that every American has health care in the richest country in the world, (2) pass a Green New Deal that allows Kentuckians to work to build a future that our children and grandchildren can thrive in, and (3) pass a Universal Basic Income so that our citizens share in the growth of our economy and have the opportunity to end the cycle of generational poverty. Aside from these, I will also push for criminal justice reform to end mass incarceration, strong voter and election protections, campaign finance reform, and laws that make it easier for workers to form unions and collectively bargain, so that workers have the power to share in the unprecedented economic growth that we have been experiencing.

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