Mike Siegel

U.S. House, Texas 10

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Mike wants to serve the people of the Texas 10th Congressional District, who for too long have been denied representation. He wants to make sure that every person in the district has health care and a good job, quality neighborhood schools and the support they need to be safe, secure, and prosperous.

He is running because the incumbent Michael McCaul, has rested on his wealth and gerrymandered political advantage, and has refused to show up for his constituents. McCaul has literally not shown up: no town halls in ten years, no public events where he gives unscripted responses to the questions of real humans in this District. McCaul is complicit in every atrocity of the Trump regime (voting with the President over 98% of the time), and refuses to exercise any oversight over the out-of-control commander-in-chief. And meanwhile, McCaul votes to cut health care, to cut Social Security, to cut support for essential programs and services. And this is why Mike is running for Congress.

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