Jon Hoadley

U.S. House, Michigan 6

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Jon’s vote record has always reflected support for inclusion, diversity and progressive values. A recent example of this is his support for Benton Harbor School District in MI-6. Members of the Benton Harbor community reached out to Jon seeking leadership to protect the school. The school had been under performing and failing to equip students with the necessary tools for success for years and now the government plans to write off the district and community as a lost cause. Regardless of statistics, the school district is a community institution with a predominantly black population and has served as a refuge for learning. Education often serves as gateway to breaking the chains of generational poverty; if the Benton Harbor community loses them distract it could have devastating effects on the youth. So, Jon reached out to colleagues, party leadership, and members of the community to try and open a dialogue. As of today, the school district will be presenting a four-year plan to the Governor to raise education standards and keep the district open. It’s an awful situation that we hope will work out, but it never should’ve gotten to this point. The federal government needs to invest in education, especially in minority districts that have received historical spending inequalities. If elected Jon would support legislation to better fund all public schools. Jon is running for Congress because he believes it is time to put people and community back at the center of our decisions. It’s time to face the future and the country’s challenges head on with fresh ideas. And it’s time to remember what we’ve known all along: We have the power and we choose us.

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