Clayton Tucker

TX State Senate District 24

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Clayton is a former kindergarten teacher and a former environmental researcher, focusing on water and development. Currently, he is a science fiction author, a beekeeper, and the Statewide Organizer for Our Revolution Texas. After living abroad and gaining first-hand experience with a single-payer healthcare system, Clayton moved back to Texas to start advocating for universal healthcare, among other things. After working as a community organizer for several campaigns, including some time managing campaigns, he joined the Our Revolution team, where he traveled around Texas, advocating for Medicare for All.

Clayton has heard more healthcare horror stories than he can count. With his own representative voting no, and denying the existence of man-made climate change, he knew he had to do more. Advocacy from the outside wasn’t enough. He has been a local advocate for universal healthcare for the last year; the years before that, he worked on progressive campaigns that carried the banner of ensuring the rich pay their fair share, legalization of marijuana, and other structural changes. Clayton believes his track record with these campaigns and with Our Revolution speaks for itself. He fully embraces a Green New Deal, expanding voting rights, ending the war on drug/mass incarceration, removing the influence of money in politics, ending gerrymandering, and more.

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