Bethany Hallam

Allegheny County Council, At-Large

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Bethany has lived in Allegheny County for her entire life, and she has seen County Council fail to address the threats to residents’ livelihood. Whether it be dirty air, undrinkable water, or an ineffective criminal justice system, Allegheny can do so much better. Instead of publicly discussing ways to fix these problems, the council spends the majority of its public meeting time handing out “congratulatory proclamations”. Allegheny needs to make progress happen. Here are Bethany’s positions on how can she make the county a more livable place for everyone:

Stronger transparency laws to make sure government officials can’t run out the clock to keep time-sensitive documents secret.

Every Allegheny County resident deserves clean air. By using the Clean Air Fund, the council can make that a reality.

Every Allegheny County resident also deserves clean water, and it’s the government’s duty to make sure everybody has access to safe drinking water. It’s also the government’s duty to protect our natural resources and water table from the dangers of fracking. Bethany’s opponent voted in favor of drilling at one of the county parks.

Transit access isn’t only important to riders, but also to the health of the region’s economy. Bethany supports the “Fair Fares” initiative by Pittsburghers for Public Transit.

The county jail is an embarrassment to Allegheny County. Many people in the county jail are only there because of inequitable cash bail policies. Warden Harper has failed again and again when it comes to preventing sexual harassment, assault, and rape in the jail.

As a progressive candidate and an activist, Bethany has worked with a broad coalition of people and organizations around progressive issues, including a slate of progressive candidates across the county. Bethany has stood with the environmental movement and the criminal justice movement as they battled to transform the county. This is why Bethany has been endorsed by progressives like Councilwoman Anita Prizio and State Representatives Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee.

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