Christopher Suarez

Alexandria City School Board

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A product of the Chicago public school system, Christopher Suarez knows how often the needs public schools end up shafted. His passion for social justice, equality, and a fair opportunity is the driving force behind his campaign. Chris is a firm believer in the transformative power of substantial education. That is why he wants to provide the children of Alexandria, Virginia with resources and tools they deserve. His plan of action is to provide the proper funding for education for all student experiences in his community and also is an advocate for bias training in the law enforcement to prevent race-motivated attacks in his community.

Chris Suarez has a background in teaching K-12 and is currently a nonprofit leader focused on providing equitable access to educational opportunities. Outside of his work in the community, Chris also currently practices in a law firm where he litigates patent and technology-related cases as well as practices pro bono special education law.

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