Jessica Tiedt

Williamson County Clerk

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Jessica Tiedt is not backing down from a fight. Jessica is determined to introduce her progressive ideas to Williamson County. A model citizen, Jessica began to notice how little her government was doing to benefit her and her community so she took the matter into her own hands to run for office. She plans to use her background in Technical Support to help her achieve her goals in office. She recognizes the workload required for the position of County Clerk but believes the patience she has had to develop in her previous work makes her an ideal candidate.

Jessica Tiedt’s campaign is based on issues surrounding the uproar of blatant racism facing her community resulting in the 2016 election. On this, she says that she hopes to see this uptick in racism is the last dying breath of any and all racism in our country. More than anything, Jessica’s campaign runs on a platform of bringing progress and action to the Red County of Williamson.

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