Andrew Gilchrist

New York State Assembly, District 135

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Andrew was born and raised in Idaho. His family taught him the power of education and the importance of hard work. Andrew pursued a lifelong education with degrees in music and business. He was a professional opera singer and professor and am now a full-time parent and entrepreneur. After pursuing a doctorate at the Eastman School of Music he entered academia with high hopes and ready to teach. He returned to school to complete a Masters in Business Administration. He learned a great deal about economics, finance, strategy, and management. Andrew is a member of the LGBT community and the father of two boys and is concerned with the state of our country and the future that they face if things are not changed.

Andrew has watched as corporations have seen their power grown while everyday Americans are tossed to the side and forgotten by their elected officials. For too long the government has been controlled by corporations and special interests. As a gay man, he knows the sting of being forced into silence and ignored. As our country has progressed his rights have become protected in more and more states. He understands how important it is for people to have a representative in government that will fight for economic and social equality for all. He believes that government should operate with a focus on people over politics and community over a party. The New York assembly is held under tight control by moderate Democrats that are under the strong influence of corporations.

Andrew refuses to accept corporate money and will fight tirelessly to reform New York’s campaign finance and voting laws so that the control gets back where it belongs; in the hands of the American people. He believes that legislative change must start with the state government; in order to shake the hold of corporations and special interests have on the government and elected officials. One race at a time and building a network of strong progressive assembly member true change can begin to take hold and spread. Andrew is running a grassroots campaign focused on social justice initiatives and economic equality and as an elected official he will fight for policies that are innovative, sustainable and increase accountability. He will stand up to corporate influence in government and make voting more accessible and a government that works for all people State Assembly, District 135 not just corporate and special interests.

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