Rachel May

New York State Senate, District 53

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Rachel is a mother, educator, and grassroots activist with a background in environmental science and communications, and she comes from a long line of fighters for democracy and social justice like her grandparents who took on KKK, marched with Dr. King from Selma to Montgomery and fought school segregation would be proud to see her stand for the American experiment when it is most in crisis

Rachel works bringing together professors and students with the people who keep Syracuse University running – such as food services, energy management, buildings, and grounds, and transportation – to find ways to bring knowledge and experience together to make the campus more environmentally sustainable and to create models for addressing climate change and environmental justice at the institutional level.

She has volunteered in progressive political campaigns as an active participant in grassroots movements like the CNY Solidarity Coalition and Uplift Syracuse. Rachel has served on city and county boards and committees and is familiar with the broad range of issues that confront the diverse urban, suburban, and rural areas of District 53. And as a parent, she cares deeply about the schools and the social and environmental fabric of the world we are passing on to future generations. Rachel lost her husband at 30 from cancer who lived his final days in fear of lifetime cap on health insurance and leave her in debt. She has fought hard against federal efforts to roll back health care protections.

Greater Syracuse suffers from some of the worst income inequality and segregation by race and class of any metro region in the country, and it desperately needs an advocate in the State Senate. The legislature in Albany has the potential to pass other key legislation to protect New Yorkers from some of the worst impacts of the GOP onslaught from Washington. Innovative climate change policy, comprehensive election reform, and full funding for public schools are some of Rachel’s priorities. It is her goal to be part of a working Democratic majority in the Senate to move these bills forward and make Albany a center of good government that our citizens can take pride in, and that other states can look to as a model. Rachel’s campaign draws on this grassroots energy and addresses social justice in numerous ways. Among the progressive bills that have been blocked by the IDC/GOP alliance in the NY Senate are criminal justice reforms like ending cash bail, voting and election reforms like early voting, automatic voter registration, public financing of campaigns, and nonpartisan redistricting, and court-ordered redress of funding inequalities in our public schools.

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