DaSean Jones

180th Criminal District Court Harris County, Texas

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DaSean Jones is running for judge in order to set the conditions for Harris County to lead the nation in a more progressive direction with respect to criminal justice.

DaSean Jones wants to institute alternative sentencing initiatives that are not solely punitive, but rehabilitative. Although a quiet and reserved professional, DaSean has been afforded an incredibly interesting life experiences he uses to shape his perspective. DaSean believes that the people who make the life decisions for so many of Harris County’s citizens either lack life experience or do not share in the same or similar experiences of the men and women who are punish on a daily basis.

As a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran, DaSean has been faced with experiences and challenges that have broadened his mind. After living and working throughout the world as a military brat and then as an Army Officer, DaSean was lucky to share and learn about many different cultures and ideologies. In executing his duties as combat arms officer, it was always paramount that he lead his soldiers in a fair and balanced manner. Thus, he believes that the Judicial System should be fair and balanced.

DaSean decided to run for Judge after witnessing first-hand how some judges do not disperse justice fairly across the board and seem close-minded and prejudiced towards some defendants and attorneys. Ready to tarnish their records or reputation. Yet, these same judges afford those who they are familiar with or more in line with financially better treatment and basic courtesies even moments after giving someone else “the benefit of the doubt.”

Financial status, connections, race, clothing and other variables should not come into play in regards to the administration of justice. This is not fair and needs to be stopped. DaSean does not believe that such conduct marches in step with the appropriate character of a judge in Harris County, Texas, or anywhere else in the United States. As a result, it is his opinion that the criminal justice system, which is very necessary and fundamental to law and order, is off track and that those who benefit from it generally turn a blind eye to its folly.

DaSean was raised by his dad, a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and his mother, who passed away on Valentine’s Day a few weeks after his return from his second tour in Iraq. DaSean has three siblings. Two of which are disabled veterans who served overseas. While in elementary school, DaSean visited Auschwitz, Anne Frank’s house, and other key historical examples of social injustice and abuse of power. These experiences have helped mold him into the person he is today.

After graduating from Tuskegee University, DaSean commissioned as an Army Field Artillery Officer, where he led soldiers from all walks of life and held the highest standards as an officer and a gentleman.

After his mother’s death on February 14, 2008, DaSean decided to pursue his life long dream of becoming a lawyer. As a senior Army Captain, he left a promising career, sold his house and the balance of his belongings in order to pursue his calling. He attended law school while working in the Army Reserves. Upon completing his degree, he started his own law practice. DaSean, his wife and two children now call Houston home.

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