Elizabeth Fiedler

Pennsylvania State House, District 184

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Elizabeth is a mother, a reporter and a first time candidate with her family receiving healthcare through ACA, CHIP and Medicaid who grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania where people felt forgotten and devalued by the political system. Elizabeth is committed to represent the needs of the people not the special interest of corporations and bring about a change in government that works for an will impact the her life and that of her children and her community.

Elizabeth has worked as a reporter at public radio station WHYY for a decade, covering community affairs and politics where she spent days asking tough questions to people in power and holding politicians and leaders accountable but the she loved helping regular people share stories of struggle and success. Having talked to thousands of people all over Philadelphia and Pennsylvania who are struggling, and whose voices are not being heard in Harrisburg. She decided to run for State House because she knows that we need more people in office truly fighting for the people.

Elizabeth is a progressive champion running a grassroots campaign that represents the people of District 184 not the powerful corporations. She is fighting for progressive policies that ensure systems like healthcare, justice, education and economy should work for all people and not just the few. Elizabeth, if elected to the Pennsylvania State House will prioritize people over profit and be loud voice for those who do not feel represented in government.

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