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U.S. House, California 39

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Sam Jammal grew up in the communities in and around California’s 39th District, raised by working class, immigrant parents from South America and the Middle East. Sam watched his parents sacrifice to provide their children with a better life. This perseverance when times were tough inspired Sam to put himself through law school and become a civil rights attorney. Sam’s story is the American story – passionate, driven, grounded in family and community and committed to lifting up those struggling to get ahead.

Recognizing law as a key lever for pursuing justice, equality and change, Sam studied at The George Washington University Law School, focusing on civil rights. Rather than taking a typical high-paying law firm job to pay down his student loan debt, Sam worked for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) as a civil rights lawyer, advocating for the rights of Latino and immigrant students to receive a quality education.

During the 2008 presidential election, Sam served as Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Latino Voter Protection Task Force and worked on the Obama campaign. After the election, Sam stayed in Washington to serve as Legislative Counsel in the United States Senate where he focused on civil rights, labor and national security issues. Sam was later appointed by President Barack Obama to serve at the United States Department of Commerce where he worked to expand export opportunities for American companies and small businesses.

Sam is running to be a voice for his community and to help the next generation live the American Dream.

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