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Mary Matiella is one of six children to migrant farm workers in Southern Arizona. She went to Tucson public schools and graduated from Pueblo High School, and got her BA in Education from the University of Arizona’s College of Education. She was the only woman and person of color to graduate in her class.

After four years as Director of Accounting Service for the Air Force in California, Matiella was asked to work at the Pentagon for the Undersecretary of Defense in 1999. She served three years as CFO for the Forest Service and then served four years as Assistant CFO at Housing and Urban Development. During this time, Matiella earned a Doctorate from the Executive Leadership Program, George Washington University.

Not long after, Matiella was asked by President Barack Obama to return to the Pentagon to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller in 2010, a position designated by the Department of Defense as the civilian equivalent to a four-star general. She served in that capacity until she retired in 2014.

Matiella is running for office because she believes that Arizona needs a representative who shares the progressive values that Southern Arizonans cherish. She is a Latina woman who wants a representative body to look like the people it is trying to represent. In America, our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, yet the U.S. House of Representatives does not reflect that strength. Fewer than 20% of House members are women and only 7% are Latino. She is running to change that.

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