Tell President Biden: Cancel Student Debt

President Biden has recently asked the Department of Education and the Department of Justice to look into his legal authority to cancel student loan debt. 

We already know that he has the legal authority to cancel student debt under section 432(a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

In the last three decades, the costs of college have skyrocketed, making higher education essentially inaccessible and unattainable for working people. This has created even deeper economic inequality, and it has worsened the racial wealth gap, which is evidenced by the fact that Black Americans are more likely to take on student debt, have $7,400 more in debt on average, and more likely to default on their loans than white Americans.

Democracy for America has been supporting the movement to cancel student loan debt for years and now we have a real chance at making this happen.

Sign our petition now to demand that President Biden cancel student loan debt. 

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Support The Green New Deal!

Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have officially unveiled the Green New Deal again.

This bold resolution would put our country on the path towards a clean energy future including: 

  • 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030
  • A guaranteed living-wage job for anybody who needs one
  • A just transition for both workers and frontline communities
  • It’s a win-win for our environment and economy, and it’s our greatest opportunity to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

Add your name right now to join DFA, Ed Markey, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in supporting a Green New Deal today.

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Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act: Become a citizen co-sponsor

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders has recently introduced the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act which would increase the corporate tax rate by 0.5% for companies reporting a CEO-to-median-worker pay ratio of 50 to 1, and grow to a rate of 5% for companies reporting a ratio of 500 to 1 or higher.

The bill could raise as much as $150 billion over 10 years, thus reducing growing income inequality, while providing the financial resources we need to help millions of Americans still struggling to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Please join Robert Reich and DFA by signing on to be a citizen co-sponsor of Bernie’s bill to increase federal corporate taxes on companies that pay their CEO's an outrageously high amount of money when compared to their median worker.

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Remove Insurrectionist Members of Congress

A violent mob of insurrectionists attempted a coup on our nation’s Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Multiple people are dead. Two Capitol police officers were murdered by the vicious mob. Others were chased, dragged, beaten, or crushed, with more than four dozen officers sustaining injuries.

As we’ve read, some people even brought zip ties, semi-automatic weapons, Molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs. They came within inches of breaching the Senate chamber before officers were able to get it secured.

If we allow Members of Congress who incited and allegedly planned this vicious attack to remain in Congress, it’s only a matter of time before the next assault.

Democracy must be protected. We must demand action. Add your name and make sure seditionists in Congress are held accountable.

"We support the immediate removal of Members of Congress -- both House and Senate -- who are proven to have incited or planned the violent attack on our nation's Capitol on January 6th.

If a Member of Congress engaged in insurrection against the United States Constitution, then that person cannot sit in the United States Congress and must be immediately removed."


Secret Police have No Place in America

Sen. Jeff Merkley here from Oregon. We face a grave threat to our democracy. Donald Trump has deployed secret police in my home city of Portland, and is threatening to do it in other cities across America.

His Department of Homeland Security is using unidentified paramilitary forces to patrol the streets of Portland, Oregon and they’re throwing people into unmarked vehicles. They’re using tear gas and munitions against peaceful protesters. 

We know Trump has coddled dictators like Putin in Russia and Duterte in the Philippines, and now he’s trying to act like them. 

The American people must speak out and say NO! We must defend the Constitution. 

Will you join me and Democracy for America and make your voice heard right now? Tell Trump that secret police have no place in America and tell Congress to prohibit these police state tactics.

When you sign this petition, you’ll be joining tens of thousands (hopefully, hundreds of thousands) of Americans demanding the protection of our democracy. I will stand up and make sure that my colleagues know what’s at stake and how many Americans are standing with us.

This is the stuff of anti-democratic nightmares. We must fight back. Sign this petition now!

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Your Senators Can Help Stop Netanyahu’s Illegal Annexation

Last month, DFA joined a petition with our allies at Americans for Peace Now to stop Netanyahu from unilaterally annexing parts of the West Bank.

Because of the work that DFA members like you have done to help our allies build this campaign and create grassroots pressure, some United States Senators are starting to take action.

Senator Chris Van Hollen has introduced an amendment that would block the Netanyahu government from using any U.S. aid to fund their illegal annexation plans.

This amendment is backed by 13 senators, and now we NEED your help to get more Senators to cosponsor the Van Hollen amendment.

Tell your Senators to cosponsor the Van Hollen amendment or thank them if they already have.

Due to support from the Trump administration, Netanyahu and his far-right allies see this moment as an opportunity to permanently seize Palestinian land, but thankfully, his annexation plan has temporarily stalled.

With this current delay, it is very crucial that DFA members and our allies at Americans for Peace Now use this opportunity to help bring an end to the threat of annexation.

If the Israeli Government knows loud and clear that the U.S. Senate fully opposes their plan, we can help permanently prevent the illegal and unilateral annexation that was supposed to officially happen on July 1st.

The rest of the world has condemned and resisted this plan, let's do our part and make sure that the United States Senate does the same.

Join DFA and Americans for Peace Now in telling our Senators to cosponsor the Van Hollen amendment.

By contacting your Senator you will show them that Americans recognize the rights of Palestinians while also caring deeply about achieving peace between Israel and Palestine.

Thank you for standing together against the annexation of the West Bank,

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Senators Burr and Loeffler Must Resign!

Weeks before Americans across the country were homeschooling their kids, stocking up on medicine, and filing for unemployment, Republican Senators Richard Burr and Kelly Loeffler decided to use their inside information to sell off millions of dollars in stocks.

It’s outrageous. If you’re as angry as we are, take a moment to read below and add your name to our joint petition with Robert Reich calling for Burr and Loeffler’s immediate resignations.

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Facebook: Don’t Air Trump’s False Ads

Facebook policy already "prohibits ads that include claims debunked by third-party fact checkers or, in certain circumstances, claims debunked by organizations with particular expertise" for all non-political campaign advertising on the platform.

CNN and NBC have rejected airing Trump campaign ads filled with lies. 
Twitter has banned all political campaign ads from their platform. 

Facebook must stop making money from fraud, lies, and purposefully spreading misinformation. Sign the petition right now!

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