Sign the petition: Stop Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford courageously shared her story of sexual assault and attempted rape by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when the two were in high school and she was just fifteen years old.

We knew from the start that Kavanaugh was unfit to serve on the Supreme Court, given his extreme political positions along with misleading and false statements during Senate testimony.

But this news made it crystal clear: we must stop this dangerous man from being confirmed to a lifetime on our nation's highest court.

Sign Democracy for America’s petition telling the every U.S. Senator -- Republicans and Democrats -- to do the right thing and reject Kavanaugh by blocking him from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. 

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Sign the petition: DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen must resign NOW

The whole world is witnessing the outrageous and cruel impact of Donald Trump's new "zero tolerance" immigration policy.

This horrifying family separation policy is opposed by 67% of Americans, according to a new CNN poll -- and it could be revoked by Trump and Secretary Nielsen at literally any time.

But instead of doing the morally right thing by choosing to end the routine separation of immigrant families, this morning Secretary Nielsen tripled down on the policy. She refused to apologize for the harm she's causing to immigrant children and families, claiming that "illegal actions have and must have consequences."

That is an unacceptable answer -- and it proves that Nielsen is unfit to hold her current office. Sign our petition calling on Secretary Nielsen to resign from the Department of Homeland Security immediately.

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Sign Robert Reich’s petition: Let Medicare and Medicaid negotiate lower drug prices

Donald Trump's new drug plan omits the critical step needed to truly reduce prices: Taking on Big Pharma.

In 2003, Big Pharma got a U.S. law prohibiting the government from using its considerable bargaining clout under Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate lower drug prices.

During his campaign, Trump promised to reverse this law. But the plan he revealed Friday doesn’t touch it. Trump’s plan seeks only to make it easier for private health insurers to negotiate better deals for Medicare beneficiaries.

In reality, private health insurers don’t have anywhere near the clout of Medicare and Medicaid -- which was the whole point of Big Pharma’s getting Congress to ban such negotiations in the first place.

To truly reduce drug prices in America, we need to release Big Pharma’s stranglehold on the U.S. government.

Sign Robert Reich's petition with Democracy for America calling on Congress to allow Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate lower drug prices.

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Sign the petition: Tell regulators to stop the Sinclair-Tribune merger now

Sinclair Broadcasting has been covertly forcing its local stations to broadcast pro-Trump propaganda -- and now they want to take over one of the most influential media companies in the country.

Millions of local TV news viewers heard eerily similar versions of this Trump-esque speech from dozens of seemingly unrelated news anchors across the country:

“The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.”

“Some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias.”

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

The source of the script was Sinclair Broadcasting -- the country's largest broadcaster, which owns 193 television stations and 589 channels in 89 markets.

Over the weekend, a Deadspin video which edited together anchors from coast to coast reading Sinclair's propaganda went viral. And that's not the only way that Sinclair is using its power to advance a radical agenda. The New York Times has reported that the company sends its stations "must-run" news segments that are full of fear-mongering and pro-Trump rhetoric.

No corporation should have the ability to subvert journalistic standards and deceptively disseminate right-wing spin like this. It's bad for our democracy. But if Sinclair gets their way, things will only get worse.

Sinclair is currently trying take over Tribune Media, which would give them ownership over 42 new stations in key markets including New York, Washington D.C, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department have slowed the deal down, but they could give it the green light at any time.

We need to take action now if we're going to stop the right-wing radicals at Sinclair from gaining even more control over our media. Sign our petition calling on the FCC and the Justice Department to kill the Sinclair-Tribune merger now.

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Add your name: Stand in solidarity with Oklahoma teachers now

First, it happened in West Virginia. Then it spread to Kentucky.

Now, a new, radical push for economic justice is taking hold in Oklahoma -- one of the "reddest" states in the country. And it's being driven by teachers.

More than 30,000 Oklahomans showed up at the Capitol to fight for school funding, led by teachers who are among the worst paid in the nation and are fighting to keep their public school system alive. They're vowing to keep protesting and striking until their Republican legislature raises the revenue necessary to give Oklahoma students the quality education they deserve.

Democracy for America stands with workers, period. We're ready to do everything we can to support these brave teachers as they fight GOP legislators who would rather give tax breaks to the rich than fund public schools.

Republicans are trying to drive a wedge between striking teachers, students and the community. That's why our support is so important right now. Many DFA-endorsed candidates including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Randy Bryce are already standing in solidarity with the teachers:

Will you add your name to stand in solidarity with the Oklahoma teachers, and all of the teachers across the country who are fighting the GOP for fair wages and public school funding now?

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Sign the petition: Tell advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has reached a new low -- and that’s saying a LOT.

Ingraham taunted David Hogg -- the Parkland survivor, March for Our Lives organizer, and high school student journalist -- for being rejected by some of the colleges he applied to previously.

Rather than stooping to the level of Ingraham’s personal attack, David brilliantly used Twitter to organize a rapid response boycott of the corporate sponsors who have stood by Ingraham’s side while she flings mud, spreads hate, and defends the NRA.

In less than 24 hours, seven companies pulled their ads from Ingraham’s show, including TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Hulu, Nutrish, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle and Stitch Fix. Of course, right on cue, Laura Ingraham offered up a tepid apology only after the boycott started to gain traction. And late on Friday, she even announced that she would be taking a conveniently-timed weeklong "vacation" from her show.

It’s not enough. Laura Ingraham’s show should be cancelled -- and David Hogg’s inspiring boycott could be the difference. Will you help him keep the momentum going?

Sign our petition now and tell corporate advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham’s show -- which could cause Fox News to cancel it.

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Defeat the NRA: Sign our pledge now

Democracy for America has a long history of taking on the NRA. In 2017, we endorsed a full slate of progressive candidates running for seats in the Virginia House of Delegates who vowed to fight back against the NRA's grip on their state politics.

On election night, 14 out of 16 DFA-endorsed candidates -- including progressive fighters like Jennifer Carroll Foy, Donte Tanner, Chris Hurst, Jennifer Boysko, and Hala Ayala -- defeated NRA-backed candidates, giving Democrats more power than they've had in the chamber in years.

Now, DFA members are working to unseat the gun lobby's biggest allies in Congress in 2018, and we need your help. Progressive champions like Randy Bryce are doing everything they can to defeat Paul Ryan and other Republicans who side with the NRA. But it is going to take some serious grassroots momentum to overcome all of the corporate and gun lobby money that is pouring in for the GOP.

We can't sit back and accept what happened yesterday as the new normal. We need to stand up to the NRA right now. Can you commit to volunteer to help DFA-backed progressive candidates take down NRA-backed Republicans this November?

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Tell Democrats: No more funding legislation until a clean DREAM Act becomes law!

Photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

In a stunning display of moral and political cowardice, Senate Democrats sold out more than 700,000 Dreamers by handing Donald Trump and the GOP the funding they asked for, despite their refusal to pass a clean DREAM Act.

Sign our petition and tell Democrats to stop playing games with people's lives: No more votes on Republican funding legislation until they pass a clean DREAM Act.

"We were not born in this country, but we grew up here and we’re fighting to earn our place. Please give us our chance to serve the only country we consider home. Please find a way to allow us to work and stay right here where we belong."

Those are the words of Zion Dirgantara, a soldier in the U.S. Army who was brought to this country by his mother when he was only 12 years old. He has served this country faithfully -- but because Donald Trump cancelled DACA, he now lives in fear of deportation.

If Democrats will not stand up for someone like Zion -- or for overwhelmingly popular legislation like the DREAM Act -- why should we trust them to stand up for any of us?

This isn't just a matter of work permits or bureaucracy. Peoples' actual lives are on the line. It is morally reprehensible that Democrats think it is more important to appease the Freedom Caucus and mythical centrist voters than to protect our families, friends and neighbors.

Sign our petition and tell Democrats to give Dreamers the security they deserve by demanding a clean Dream Act before any passing additional GOP funding bills.

When Donald Trump and Republicans rejected any possible solution for Dreamers and set up the government shutdown late last week, it looked like Democrats had finally decided to stand up for what is right.

But in less than 72 hours, they caved, all because chronic liar Mitch McConnell "promised" to allow debate on immigration legislation at some point -- a promise that doesn't guarantee any sort of protection for Dreamers.

Luis V. Gutiérrez, Chair of the Immigration Task Force of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, was livid about the Democrats’ spectacular failure to stand up for immigrants:

"If the Republicans said we are ending same-sex marriage, but we promise Democrats a vote later; or we approve of oil drilling in every national park, but you’ll have a vote later – do you think the Democrats would say yes? This shows me that when it comes to immigrants, Latinos and their families, Democrats are still not willing to go to the mat to allow people in my community to live in our country legally."

Democrats have gotten away with breaking their promises to Dreamers for way too long. The continuing resolution passed this week sets up a budget deadline on February 8th. Democrats must use the leverage they have to push Congress to finally fulfill its commitment to protect these young Americans.

No more games. No more deals. Sign our petition and tell Democrats no more passing GOP funding legislation until a clean DREAM Act becomes law.

Thanks for helping us hold Democrats accountable for this terrible decision.

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