Endorsements FAQ

1. When will Democracy for America make an endorsement decision?

DFA makes endorsement decisions on a rolling basis within the applicable election cycle.  We attempt to reach out to applicants within 2 weeks of the submission of their questionnaire submission to give a better sense of their specific timeline.

2.  Do you endorse in Primary elections?

Yes! DFA is committed to transforming the Democratic Party from the ground up. Part of this mission means supporting Democrats who will fight for progressive values and progressive change.  In this moment, with skyrocketing inequality, structural racism, and economic hardship, it’s not enough to just be a decent vote - we need bold leaders who will organize their colleagues and their community, with courage and conviction, to make concrete improvements in people’s lives. In order to receive an endorsement for a Primary election, a candidate must demonstrate key, distinguishable differences from their competitors on the fight against income inequality, and must demonstrate the ability to build a quality people-powered campaign.

3.  How is an endorsement decision made?

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements are our members.  We measure the community and local support in a number of different ways - through online polls and surveys, through calls and conversations, through in-person meetings with members and local DFA groups on the ground.  Supporters can publicly add their support using the ‘Voice Your Support’ feature on any candidate’s application page.  We also utilize the endorsement decision of local DFA groups as a gauge for local DFA member support.

4. Do you endorse candidates running for X office in Y state?

The answer is almost always YES! We endorse candidates and initiative campaigns at all levels of the ballot and in all 50 states.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 802-651-3220 or email us at endorsements@democracyforamerica.com.

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