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DFA members are the lifeline in our democratic process, and strengthen their communities through collective actions and shared values, launching local grassroots campaigns, supporting candidates and tackling issues. Start your own DFA group or find a community near you to take action now.

We're currently in the process of creating our next generation of digital tools for grassroots activism. Please stay tuned!

Featured DFA Groups:

Huntsville Democracy for America
Democracy for America Maricopa County | Facebook
Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley | Facebook
East Bay DFA
DFA-CFD of Fresno & Madera Counties | Facebook
Democracy for America Orange County | Meetup
San Diego Democracy for America
San Francisco Democracy for America | Meetup
San Mateo County Democracy for America
DC for Democracy | Facebook
Dulles Area Democrats
Democracy for Miami-Dade
Democracy for Palm Beach County | Facebook
Northside DFA | Facebook
DFA Westside Accountability
Democracy for Monroe County | Facebook
Nevada DFA | Facebook
DFNYC - Democracy for New York City | Facebook
   Lower Manhattan Meetup
   Upper Manhattan Meetup
   Brooklyn Meetup
Gettysburg Area Democracy for America | Facebook
Montgomery County Democracy for America | Facebook

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Democracy for America supporters like you are mobilizing to support progressive candidates and policies -- and defeat Republicans in elections cross the country. Are you in?