Phil Hornback

Florida State House, District 58

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Phil Hornback is the son of a nurse and a Mason, Phil has been a union bricklayer and owned his own masonry business. For years, he has been a fixture in the Hillsborough County community, helping guide incoming teachers and first-time home buyers. As someone who graduated college taking night classes twenty years after he graduated high school, he knows what it’s like to set goals and to see them through. Phil Hornback isn’t some all talk politician, he’s someone who has spent a lifetime getting things done and helping people in his community.

Phil knows all about the importance of a strong foundation, and Phil’s foundation has always been his exceptional work ethic. His whole life he’s been the first in and the last to leave, whether it’s coaching kids in football, orienting incoming teachers, or helping first time home buyers. Having spent nearly a decade in the classroom as a middle school science teacher, Phil knows we need to invest in our schools, our students, and our teachers. In his time teaching, he worked with a NASA outreach school, so he literally knows what it means to help our kids shoot for the stars.

Phil is running for Florida State Hosue, District 38. He respects and understands diversity He will stand up to Islamophobia and stand for the Muslim community and represent the underrepresented communities in Tallahassee. Phil is running a grassroots campaign who will work to make Florida more progressive, inclusive and fight for working families and stand up to the special interests.

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