Chris Benton

Georgia State House, District 31

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Chris belongs to a working class family family of six, born and raised in Georgia. His parents, Robert & Barbara, worked in the food service industry which gave him a firsthand understanding of the struggles many Americans face. Chris saw his parents work hard for long hours but their financial reality did not change and he came to find out that hard work doesn’t always result in the ability to climb up the economic ladder. Unfortunately, those struggles can be passed down from generation to generation. Chris has lost a sister to gun violence and two of his siblings suffer from substance abuse issues. Chris started working at age 16 to help his family which hurt his grades and he lost the chance of getting scholarship and and the costs of attending College made Higher Education an unattainable dream.

Chris wants to see his family live peacefully, securely, happily, and healthy. He is inspired by his family and his commitment to make the world a better place for them. Chris is determined to expand healthcare access and mental health care to his community and neighbours. Unlike career politicians that are caught in party bickering Chris will work hard for the people of Georgia like he has done for his family all his life to make sure that Georgia has a strong and growing middle class. Chris is determined to pull the 1 out of 5 people that live in poverty in District 131 fighting for hard working people and an economy that works for all people of Georgia.

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