Marcus Ferrell

Arizona State House, District 24

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Marcus is running to be the next District 24 state representative so as to pursue legislation for statewide universal healthcare, free public college and trade school for high school graduates, and a to give all workers a livable wage. Marcus plans on fighting Trump—on a local level—by fighting for all of the residents of District 24, especially women, people of color, those with or without documentation, the LGBTQIA community, and any other marginalized segment of the population.

He was raised by his mother (with help from his grandfather) as a single parent, in a South that wasn’t quite ready to free itself of Jim Crow-era ideas and habits. His mother and grandfather raised him to organize and serve as the best forms of community service.

These two ideals led Marcus to serve in the US Navy, where he was as Corpsman.. After five years of military service, Marcus went back to his roots as a community organizer which naturally led to his work as a diversity and inclusion consultant. Marcus served as the National African-American Outreach Director for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and Deputy Campaign Manager for Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign before deciding to run for state representative.

Marcus is aware of the status quo in the Arizona Capital, and believes—as state representative —he would be a champion of progressive causes that would not benefit any particular party but instead benef all of the residents of District 24.

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