Ben Jealous

Governor of Maryland

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Ben Jealous is running on a bold agenda of supporting state-level Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, climate action, ending mass incarceration, protecting immigrants, and more. He’s running in a deep blue state where a right-wing Republican won the 2014 election – and has the values and vision needed in order to win.

Ben Jealous transformed the NAACP when he was elected to lead the historic organization in 2008.

In 2016, he endorsed Bernie Sanders and campaigned relentlessly for him across the country. This year, he’s been a leader in resistance efforts in Maryland against Trump. Just yesterday, Jealous slammed Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate – and vowed to take action in Maryland on the climate crisis.

He is a community organizer who has spent his life fighting for economic and racial justice, and has never shied away from speaking truth to power.

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