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Democracy for America endorsed Emilio Huerta in 2016 and is proud to endorse him again for his 2018 run for United States Congress in California’s 21st district. Emilio is looking to bring his lifelong passion for defending workers’ rights and his community to Washington, Emilio Huerta will fight for economic and social justice as the U.S. Representative for California’s 21st District. He has had the good fortune to work side by side with his mother, Dolores Huerta, and Cesar E. Chavez, learning about the importance of workers’ voices and developing key skills for grassroots leadership. Prior to earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from California State University Bakersfield and his Juris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University School of Law, Emilio began his advocacy work as a labor negotiator, fighting for farmworkers throughout California after they won their right to organize and collectively bargain under the Agricultural Labor Relations Act. He has continued to fight for farmworkers and other marginalized communities across the state through his work as a civil rights attorney and leader, a career that has spanned over 20 years. As a lawyer, he has consistently fought for working class families and for the expansion of public services. His extensive knowledge of real estate, nonprofit law, and public financing has resulted in success across the state, including the development and construction of primary health clinics in Kern County, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California. He has also used his skills as a lawyer to support strong nonprofit organizations, including Omni Family Health, a health organization serving low-income farmworker families throughout Kern County, the Cesar Chavez Foundation, Radio Campesina, and the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

Supported by a successful career as a public servant and attorney, Emilio looks to translate his advocacy work into a successful tenure as a U.S. House Representative. As a lawyer and board-member for several nonprofits, he realized the potential opportunities for growth in the 21st Congressional District and the need for improving public education, increasing environmental accountability, and expanding employment services. Emilio also feels that the current Republican representation has failed to fight for the people of the District, who constitute some the poorest communities in the country. In response, Emilio will fight for progressive solutions that will ameliorate the hardships of the working class, including access to affordable healthcare and housing, worker’s right, and racial and gender equality. Emilio recognizes that racial inequality starts locally and challenge structural racism both from his congressional district and from within Washington DC. Emilio’s entire career has demonstrated a commitment to empowering those most vulnerable within the American political system and contributing to the changing tide that is people-powered politics. Emilio’s work as a civil rights attorney and advocate for workers’ rights further shows that he has a track record of a progressive champion, as he has turned his passion concerning the issues of the working class into real action steps to aid people in these communities

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