Aja Brown

Mayor of Compton

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Aja Brown is a community activist, urban planner, nonprofit founder and the current Mayor of Compton. After completing her Masters at USC, she began her career in urban planning, working first for Gardena, Inglewood and Pasadena.

With strong family roots in Compton stretching back multiple generations, Aja always yearned to return home, and in 2009 she stepped down from her other positions to become Compton’s Redevelopment Project Manager. On the Redevelopment Agency, she helped initiate the community-led downtown revitalization action committees, overseeing the Agency’s urban planning and economic development initiatives. Later, she co-founded the Urban Vision Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization in Compton dedicated to community economic and youth development.

After working as a city planner and starting nonprofits that focus on community development, it became evident that Compton needed fresh, new leadership to advance our communities and facilitate economic growth and youth development. So Aja decided to offer herself as a candidate for Mayor in 2013. Despite being in a crowded field of twelve candidates, Aja became the youngest mayor in Compton history when she was elected at the age of thirty-one. As a longtime urban planner, she understood that Compton was missing several components needed to foster a healthy, thriving city and she is on her way to accomplishing her stated goals. She is running for re-election because she wants to finish the work that her administration embarked upon in 2013 of restoring the City of Compton.